Biker's Barbecue. A book about a bike-trip through the U.S. - what's supposed to be exciting and new about that? That's what you think. But: seemingly by circumstance the personal diaries of the two young Austrians turned into an astonishing blend that thrills, because it has only little in common with a simple travel report. Admitted, those who like travel books will definitely get their money's worth. And of course, so will bike-freaks and America-lovers. But what opens this book to an even wider audience is, that the two young men somehow managed to dive through this country at the very turf of the American soul. Instead of sleeping in secluded tents or sterile motel-rooms out on the highway, they experienced the overwhelming hospitality of Americans all the way from East to West Coast, relishing the opportunity to gain an uniquely close and often amusing insight on their lives. This simple mixture of seemingly ordinary ingredients without any exotic or record-breaking additives turns the text into a real-life reading-adventure, making you sneeze when there's rain, swear when there's a flat tire and smile at the finest situational humor.
Hardcover, 2000, 240 pages (with travel tips and a list of equipment), numerous photographs, ATS 291,- (DM 39,90/37,00 sfr), ORAC, ISBN 3-7015-0424-5.