"At first one could think: another one of those self-experience travel-reports written by talkative adventure seekers, which are meanwhile appearing in the booksellers' shelves quite inflationary. But this book is different: It is richer by a subtle-ironical, witty component. The authors prove sense of humor by not taking themselves too seriously, and by dryly and imaginatively aiming past the presented reality, for instance in the book's captions. In the text they are giving detailed descriptions of what happened to them during the several months of their trip from Boston to San Francisco, letting their European view strike up lots of peculiar observations about the 'American way of life'."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany)

"Highly original, slightly cynical, but nevertheless looked at lovingly through a magnifying glass, the personal diaries of the two brothers have resulted in a kaleidoscope of real-life short stories with an extraordinary fun level and a high entertainment value."
Neue Kronen Zeitung (Austria)

"Somehow the Mickes show similarities to German Late-Night-Talker Harald Schmidt: The three of them seem arrogant, cheeky, ironical, but also self-ironical, earning them a sympathy-bonus."
Die Welt (Germany)

"A reading pleasure which nobody should miss! Probably even one of the best books about cycling at all!"
Drahtesel (Austria)

"An astounding book."
Freie Presse - Chemnitzer Zeitung (Germany)

"Whether inveterate travel report-readers will appreciate this book shall be left aside, but those who typically fall asleep over such publications rather than start suffering from wanderlust, will love it."
Die Steirische Wochenpost (Austria)

"Very personally seen, amusingly told and pleasantly served."
Bücherschau (Austria)

"The reader experiences... sunsets, kümmel schnaps and fried eggs, tire damages and head wind, as if he'd been sitting in the saddle himself. A most amusing tour!"
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten (Austria)

"Thrilling and mettle-some reading suited for more or less sportive America-fans."
Feine Adressen (Austria)

"'Biker's Barbecue' has the makings of a travel-classic ... This book is a piece of contemporary history."
Ski - Europas Nr. 1 (Austria)

"'Biker's Barbecue' differs refreshingly from many experience reports of various globe trotters, continent crossers or other bicycle travelers ... The Viennese brothers succeeded in describing the small and big events of their nearly three-month journey so divertingly and ironically that the reader doesn't get stuck on the 200 pages between Boston and San Francisco."
Tour (Germany)

"What makes the book really entertaining is the Viennese sense of humor: even the absurdest situations still have a funny part for them, and they are never at a loss for apt quotations."
Literaturkritik (Germany)

"A delightful book not only for the crazy folks who would love to set out on a tour like this themselves."
Augsburger Allgemeine (Germany)

"If we are ever to become as crazy as these guys: 'Biker's Barbecue' provides valuable advice for imitators."
Westfalenpost (Germany)

"As light-heartedly written as they cycled. Most charming of all are the various human encounters, in which you learn a lot about the Americans."
Die Furche (Austria)

"A book about communication in it's most comprehensive sense."
Der Österreichische Journalist (Austria)

"They practically trade their tales for an accommodation - the lowest bid being a garage and a water hose. Usually things turn out better: a bed, a meal or sometimes even friendship … With 'Biker's Barbecue' Stefan and Tobias Micke have realized a 'utopia' that will not only be fun for bicycle fans."
Outdoor (Germany)

"Stages through pouring rain, bar tours in the evening and dart games at night. Fights and reconciliations, relaxing rest days with mountain biking and river rafting, angina, lover's grief, shoot outs, washboard-roads and desert intermezzos. All of that pervaded by profound reflections about traveling itself and finally the problem of having arrived ... All in all: A very delightful book highly worth reading from beginning to end."
Rad-Touren (Germany)